Electric Hybrid Vehicle Level 1 Course – EHV Awareness

This course is an overview of safety, and suitable for people who are not necessarily vehicle technicians but come into regular contact with Electric Hybrid vehicles, either as drivers, passengers, sales staff, valeters or personnel working in close proximity. Hybrid vehicle batteries and motors have high electrical and magnetic potential that can severely injure or kill if not handled properly. It is essential that you take note of all the warnings and recommended safety measures outlined by manufacturers and in this course.

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Electric Hybrid Vehicle Level 2 – EHV Maintenance

All EV or EHV vehicle repair professionals should attend training before attempting to service or repair any hybrid or electric vehicle, given the safety critical procedures that must be adhered to during maintenance. Workshop staff and technicians require a complete awareness of the risks and hazards associated with EHVs and must follow the recommended safety measures required during maintenance. This is essential, not just for the safety of the technician, but any employees or customers who may come into contact with the vehicle whilst in the workshop.

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Electric Hybrid Vehicle Level 3 – EHV Repair and Replacement

Similar to the EHV maintenance course but with a focus on repair of vehicles and replacement of parts.

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